Wifi unlocker. Find your lost password!

On the internet you can find hundreds of programs such as wifi unlocker , but how many of them really work ? We you answer this simple question , none of these programs will not work and it’s a very simple reason , wifi unloker is an application which is really hard to write and few who made ​​it. Such application would have to have really advanced algorithms password-cracking which is very hard to create . But there are many programs similar to wifi cracker which we can recover the lost password for our network. Such programs , however, will only work with our wifi networks with other already will not work. But let’s think theoretically, what purpose could be used wifi unlocker app if there was . Surely that was great for recovering lost passwords for wifi networks . Certainly each of us happened in my life forget the password to your wifi network , which resetowaliśmy wifi settings and being configured over the entire network . Surely it should not have been the most pleasant activities in our lives. However, wifi cracker could also be used for other purposes mainly by people trying to break into other networks so that , for example, have free internet . As you can see may well be that we do not find such applications because they can not properly used to cause more harm than good.

Surely you become interested in the application available on our website and think what to use it . We must warn you , however, that this is the only simulator password recovery wifi network . If you are interested in this type of simulation is certainly you can download wifi unlocker and see how it works .

Quick start guide wifi unlocker program WirelessKeyView:

  • program is for virtually everyone and is really easy to use
  • scanner with built-in wifi network , you will find an interesting network in minutes
  • to use the program , first download it to your hard
  • support for proxy servers , refer to the Proxy tab